Water Works Supply Co., Inc.

A.P. Certified Testing - Leak detection, pipe tools

A.Y. McDonald Mfg. - Brass, meter yokes, meter pit lids, plumbing brass

ADS LLC - Linestop fittings and equipment

Anvil Int'l- C.I. flanged & threaded fittings, 250# flanged fittings

Bingham & Taylor - Domestic curb & valve boxes

Carson Industries - PVC meter pits

Charter Plastics - Poly tubing

Clear Water Mfg. - Flanged pipe

Diamond Plastics - Plastic pipe (SDR35 & C900

E.H. Wachs - Portable pipe cutting / valve actuation

Fernco - Flexible rubber couplings & saddles

Flying W Plastics - Poly tubing, HDPE pipe

Georg Fischer Central Plastics - HDPE fittings, couplings, adapters, electrofusion processors

GPK Products- PVC fittings

Improved Piping Products- HDPE fittings & adapters

Inner-Tite - Security products for water utilities

Integrity Fusion Products - HDPE butt & electrofusion fittings

ITRON Inc. - Meter electronics, (AMR) automated meter reading

JCM Industries - Fabricated tapping sleeves, repair products

Kessler Industries - Copper tubing

Krausz USA - Hymax couplings & adapters

Kupferle Foundry - Yard hydrants, street washers, sampling stations

Mueller Company - AWWA/ULFM hydrants/valves, brass, meter pits, tapping equipment, machine & hand tools, curb boxes

Mueller Systems - Hersey water meters, detector check valves, automatic reading systems

National Pipe & Plastics - C900 water pipe, SDR35 sewer pipe

National Pipe Hanger - Roding material, steel fabrication, millennium keys

Performance Pipe- HDPE pipe

Pollard Water - Hydrant wrenches, swivel diffussers, leak detection, marking paint

Powerseal Pipeline Products - Repair clamps, couplings, tapping sleeves, casing spacers, service saddles, bell joint clamps, MJ coupling adapters

R.S. Rubber - Flange gaskets, specialty gaskets

Reed Manufacturing - Tubing cutters, rotary cutters, pipe tools

SIP Industries- D.I. fittings, joint restraint

Star Pipe Products - D.I. fittings, pipe restraints, star flex, domestic fittings & restraints, paving risers

Trumbull Ind. - Tools, poly tubing, meter acc.'s, link seals

U.S. Pipe - D.I. Pipe, field lock gaskets

U.S. Saws - Diamond blades & saws

United Pipe & Steel- Copper tubing

Valmatic - Check valves, plug valves, butterfly valves

Vestal Mfg. - Domestic valve box risers, meter box frames & covers

Watts - Backflow prevention products

Wheeler Mfg. - Hydrostatic test pumps, shut off tools

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